Call Greer Law Firm for Exceptional Legal Counsel

Call Greer Law Firm for Exceptional Legal Counsel

Offering other legal services in the Spring Lake Heights area

Outside of personal injury-related cases, Greer Law Firm also handles cases and other matters from different areas of the legal spectrum. You can count on our practice for assistance with/in any of the following:

• Estates and estate law
• Will creation
• Real estate law

If you need to draft a will, come to our office. If you’re about to buy a commercial property and need legal assistance, call our lawyer. These areas of law can become a little complex, especially without a knowledgeable lawyer by your side.

Greer Law Firm has the experience you’re looking for with your case. Our lawyer has over 31 years of legal experience under his belt. He has gathered a diverse resume of experiences, certifications, accreditations and other acknowledgements.

Past clients continue to recommend our law firm for legal assistance. If you need help in any of the above areas of law, call Greer Law Firm of Spring Lake Heights any time Monday Through Friday at 732-449-7900.