Municipal Court Work

Choose a Lawyer Who Has Experience with Representation

Choose a Lawyer Who Has Experience with Representation

Municipal Court matters in Lake Heights, NJ, and all surrounding NJ cities

The Greer Law Firm based in Lake Heights, NJ, and serving all surrounding cities, specializes in all Municipal Court matters. These matters may be including, but not limited to: Drunk Driving, Breath Test Refusal, Driving While Suspended, Assaults, Harassment, and all other criminal matters. Get the representation you deserve for your case.

It is important to present a vigorous, aggressive defense to protect your rights. Greer Law Firm is fully prepared to go to bat for you, and ensure the best case scenario is possible for the outcome of your court case. DK Greer is an experienced litigator in municipal court, who has been appointed as Public Defender in many NJ towns.

There are many defenses to various charges an experienced lawyer will recognize and pursue. If you are charged with a driving offense, or criminal complaint, you can’t waste time before seeking representation to defend yourself in court. The Greer Law Firm has appeared in municipal courts throughout New Jersey. The right representation is crucial and can mean the difference between a dismissal, and a conviction. Contact us today.