Choose a Lawyer Who Has Experience with Representation

Choose a Lawyer Who Has Experience with Representation

Proven years of courtroom assistance in New Jersey

For Donald K. Greer, Jr., the courtroom is his second home. He has spent the past 31 years fighting for clients in New Jersey courtrooms, providing passionate legal representation and defense for a variety of cases. It truly is what he enjoys in life.

He has become such a prominent part of the New Jersey court system that he has been designated as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of the State of the New Jersey. Not many lawyers in the state have this designation – and no lawyers in the state provide the type of quality legal service you’ll find with Donald K. Greer, Jr.

From general slip and fall claims to heavy medical malpractice cases, Greer and his law firm have worked plenty of different personal injury cases. He specializes in auto injury law, providing representation for clients who have been injured in a vehicle accident.

While he has learned plenty about the law and the courtroom, he has also acquired valuable knowledge about the people of New Jersey. Those who have been injured deserve a lawyer who is both compassionate and passionate about their situation.

With Greer Law Firm by your side, your case is in good hands. Contact our law office in Spring Lake Heights today to find out more about our lawyer’s court experience.