Defend Yourself When You’ve Been Charged With Assault

Defend Yourself When You’ve Been Charged With Assault

Hire a local Spring Lake Heights, NJ criminal defense attorney

Being charged with a violent crime is a big deal, but it’s not nearly as bad as being convicted of one. Give yourself the best possible chance in court by working with an experienced defense lawyer. The Greer Law Firm will give your case the personalized attention it deserves. Donald K. Greer, Jr. knows the ins and outs of the local legal system. He’ll put his knowledge to work for you and determine the best defensive strategy for your case.

Discuss the particulars of your assault charge with Donald K. Greer, Jr. He’ll provide the quality representation you need to protect your rights!

Hire an attorney to handle your assault case

Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey’s Greer Law Firm can handle a variety of assault charges. Donald K. Greer, Jr. can assist with:

Physical assault
Sexual assault
Verbal assault
Simple assault

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